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Morgan began his art practice in 1998 via the mediums of printmaking and drawing before gaining a degree in the expanded field of painting at Wimbledon College of Art in 2006. Here he found his concern with the unexplored conceptual space between still/moving image. The expressive and experimental possibilities therein inspired an ongoing opus of 64 abstract films that continue to expand his distinct perspective upon the medium.
Today Morgan maintains his art practice alongside commercial projects. His work has shown in galleries, installations, and film festivals across several countries and is available for sale, licensing, installation, and commission.

Donations towards the creation and development of further non-commercial work are very much welcomed via the Paypal (£) and Patreon ($) links below.

Shows/events/locations include:

The BFI Film Festival, Kinetica Art Fair, Frieze Art Fair, The ICA, Trente Trente Arts Festival, Live Traces, Big Screen Project, Gomad Turangalila Festival, Dance and Animation Festival, The Old Vic Tunnels, The Curzon Soho, BRAVE Exhibitions, The Scooter Cafe, Hidden Cinema, Housemans Bookshop, Syn International Film Festival, NOISE Festival, The Residence Gallery, Kraak Gallery, Corsica Studios, Our Space Gallery, Tenderpixel Gallery, Moves 10, DIVUS Unit 30, Scene 360, Kirby's Cinema, Portobello Film Festival, Leftfield Electronica, 13:53 Magazine Gallery, Fresh Festival, Barton Hill Animation Festival, LUDA Gallery, VideoFronta, Refutation OV, Kinomural, Tripoteca, Punto y Raya Festival, and the Saatchi Gallery.

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